Hi! Where did you get your wicked Luigi hat from?

PartyCity bruh. It was redonkulously big so I had to alter it.

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NEW PALLETS!!!!!! Pleeaaassse send a number and character if your interested! I’m super excited about all these new colors! Ive gone through all the other ones on the last pallet! So send them if you like!!! I love doing this to show my appreciation for and thank all of my awesome followers!!! And its a good distraction and project for me right now. 

Thank you guys! I LOVE YOU


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my binder came so i decided to get into armin~ since hes really the only male cosplay i have rn that i havent trashed or is a wip…. so i also revamped the wig and things

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hmm… it sure would suck if someone drew me. ….. tru ly. ….. awful…….i hope no one draws me ………. (reverse psychology) (please draw me)

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I’ve received a lot of letters from artists asking to check out their artwork and their blog, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them openly write unhealthy amounts of negative comments about their artwork, it was super depressing, honestly.  :(
Confidence plays a very very important role as an artist, it’s what helps us learn and grow without the constant feeling of doubt and jealousy!  You are a unique individual who must go down your own unique path, and as scary as it sounds, you can’t rely on others to hold your hand all the way through.  You are the only one who can get yourself to where you need to go, and beating up your artwork is not the way!  Trust yourself and your abilities to make a change, and you can do anything!!

Love your art, love yourself!

Or, my one year before-and-after