do you ever look at your friends and you are like "Holy shIT YOU ARE SO CUTE AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I AM  SO GLAD aND lUCKY  WE R FRIENDS HOLY CRAp"

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when you want to have a conversation with someone but theres nothing to talk about 


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aaaaaa i scrolled through my dev and got sad because I miss my old art friends…but I befriended older people at a young age and now they arent online as much anymore and its depressing. deviantart, temini,gaiaonline,  sketchpan friends…im either too big of a wuss to message them or they arent online/appear on websites. 


my anaconda dont want none unless u got nugs hun



One of the greatest moments in anime history. 

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please never stop drawing because someone is better !!
those people draw art because they love art and want to share it with people; they wouldn’t want you to quit either. look how far you’ve come from where you were!! improvement won’t always be noticeable, but keep going and work hard, i believe in you <33

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this one pic of sasuke is better than all of attack on titan


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